Saturday, 8 December 2012

•“Focus on the future, not on the past because better days lie ahead”

My husband and I have been asked to take this cycle off to see if the giant cyst living on my ovary will clear up and as well to do more testing on C's sperm. We were a little discouraged to be sitting this cycle out but I decided of all the months that this could happen December is probably the best and here's why:

1.  Booze- I love Bailey's on the rocks as my Christmas eve drink and with New Years less than a month away I'll be able to indulge and let loose... it's definitely been a while.

2.  No drugs- Being hormone free means that I'll be able to handle being around all of C's family and not be a monster, be able to prevent a meltdown.

3.  No drugs-I know that I already said that but seriously, not having to give myself injections deserves another bullet...there are also lots of things going on and not having to make sure I take those shots at the same time is definitely one less thing to stress over.

4.  Money- the money that we would have spent on another cycle has freed up some cash for Christmas presents.

5.  Not late for work- skipping this cycle also means NO APPOINTMENTS! I tend to be a bit late for work in the morning

6. No ultrasounds- I'm completely used to having all sorts of people hanging around my area but it's nice to have a break for a while.

7. Soccer- during a cycle I'm not able to play soccer due to my ovaries being stimulated and more suseptable to injury so thankfully I can play for a few weeks this month.

Now don't get me wrong, more than anything I'd love to be making an announcement as a Christmas present to my parents but I'm not and need to find the upside of that.

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